Gary K. Herberger Young Scholars Academy|Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
herberger young scholars academy

University Based Program

Here students have the opportunity to take challenging academic courses, cultivate interests, and to develop friendships. Academic courses are taken both at HYSA using Cambridge International Examinations and at Arizona State University. University math courses may be taken for ASU credit, other classes may be taken as an audit for high school credit. Interests are cultivated through mentorships with university professors and local business professionals. 

Examples of classes students have taken for ASU credit:

MAT 270  – Calculus with Analytic Geometry 1
MAT 271  – Calculus with Analytic Geometry 2
MAT 272  – Calculus with Analytic Geometry 3
MAT 275  – Modern Differential Equations
MAT 300  – Mathematical Structures
MAT 343  – Applied Linear Algebra

Examples of ASU classes students have audited for high school credit:

ACO 210  – Introduction to Systems Programming
AST 111  – Solar Systems
BIO 113  – Dinosaurs
BIO 181  – General Biology
COM 225  – Public Speaking
HON 394  – Literature in Context
IAP 101  – Art, Artists, Culture
IAP 394  – Acting for the Camera
SPA 102  – Elementary Spanish
TGM 101  – Principles of Global Management