i've learned just how advanced technology can be.

and that nothing moves us forward more than teamwork.

around here, i split atoms, divide cells and reverse gravity.

while bringing my classmates together to learn.

i'm figuring out how computers work, how cyberspace works and how people work.

it's music to my ears.

i've discovered that advanced technology can capture anything that moves.

but that life never stands still.

i'm studying poetry, literature and creative writing.

and how effective communication can change the world.


The Gary K. Herberger Young Scholars Academy embodies a highly challenging and hands-on learning environment. Here, in non-traditional fashion, exceptional adolescents integrate technology and advanced methods into their learning culture to achieve exponential growth. This, along with access to mentors, resources and media from Arizona State University's West campus community, help prepare our students for tomorrow by learning how to collaborate today.