Experiential Education

Camp Tontozona

Camp Tontozona is located in Payson, Arizona, approximately 2 ½ hours due east of Herberger Young Scholars Academy, perched on the Mogollon Rim of the Colorado Plateau. Every August, in the 3rd week of school, the entire school, students, teachers and administrators, board 2 chartered busses and make the trip for two nights and three days.
The focus of the time away from school is on getting to know each other as human beings, and to challenge students to exist outside of their comfort zones. For Middle Years and IGCSE students, in particular, the trip serves as an opportunity to build and develop relationships with classmates, many of whom are new to the school.
During the three days, the entire school eats together in the communal dining hall. Between meals, students select different adult led activities, as well as participating as a member of a mixed-cohort group in a school wide challenge.

In the evening, students are assigned in small groups to different bunkhouses, where they will sleep, and are responsible for communal living and cleaning. For some students, this serves as the first time they have slept away from home, or away from family.

The Camp Tontozona trip is one of the highlights of the year for many students, and provides a solid foundation for students, and teachers alike, as they kick off the new school year.
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