Experiential Education

Saguaro Lake

Saguaro Lake Guest Ranch is located approximately 2 ½ hours due east of Herberger Young Scholars Academy, in Tonto National Forest, where Saguaro Lake empties into the Salt River. In April, once again, the entire school heads to the great outdoors for two nights and three days.
The aim of the trip is to get students outside exploring new areas of interest, and spending together as a community. For our graduates, this serves as one of the last chances they will have to be together as a group in a non-academic setting.
During the three days, the entire school eats together in the communal dining hall. Between meals, students select different outdoor based activities. In the past these have included kayaking on the Saguaro Lake, hiking the trails of the National Forest, and horseback riding.

In the evening, students are assigned in small groups to different bunkhouses, where they sleep, and are responsible for communal living and cleaning.

The Saguaro Lake trip is one of the most anticipated events of the year at Herberger Young Scholars Academy, as it serves as a celebration of the hard work that students have put in throughout the year. Many wonderful memories are made on the trip that carry students through until the new school year.
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