Berlin Wall Makes an Impact

Herberger Young Scholars Academy IGCSE 2 History class recently learned about the Soviet Union’s control over Eastern Europe during the Cold War. As a culminating project, students created a model of the Berlin Wall.
Working with Mr. Mendoza in the Design Lab, the class created an installation complete with period appropriate graffiti, as well as newspaper clippings, posters, and images relevant to the events of the time period . 

When completed, the wall was placed in the center of the school building, effectively blocking off one of the most commonly used walkways in the building. In this way, the entire school community became involved in shared learning about the division and disruption that the Berlin Wall created.

After nearly two weeks, disaffected students gathered with signs and united voices to publicly denounce the wall and its divisiveness, chanting for the wall to fall. The chants shifted to cheers, as the wall was removed and the two sides of the school were once again reunited. 

Although the wall has fallen, it still remains at the Herberger Academy, serving as not only a reminder of the significance of the actual Berlin Wall, but also the power that voices coming together can have.