IGCSE Skills

Skill covered in the IGCSE program include:

  • Literary Analysis
    • Complex Plot, Character, Theme Point of View
  • Literary Devices
    • Symbolism, Imagery, Foreshadowing, Allegory, Archetype, Irony/Juxtaposition
  • Informational Textual Analysis
    • Counterclaims
    • Inference
    • Bias/Perspectives
  • Writing
    • Knowing the purpose and audience
    • Formal/Informal
    • Humanities/Scientific
  • Writing Mechanics
    • Complex Sentence Structure
    • grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling
    • Multi-Page Structure
    • Citation
  • Rational Argument
    • Developing multiple supporting points 
  • Vocabulary and Spelling
  • Historical Cause and Effect
    • Understanding the nuance of grey in causal relationships 
    • Understanding multi-causal relationships
  • Scientific Method
    • Asking probing questions
    • Developing unique experiments 
    • Executing uniquely developed experiments 
    • Reporting to a public scientific body
  • Analyzing and interpreting data 
    • Modeling with advanced mathematical and computational thinking 
    • Constructing explanations and designing solutions 
  • Engaging in argument from evidence 
  • Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information  
  • Understanding and Exploring
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Engineering

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